long live the bees Lesson Plan

One of our missions at Nature Nate’s Honey Co. is to share the awesomeness of honey bees and 100%, raw & unfiltered honey. Honey bees are small but mighty (just like your students!), and their work pollinates one-third of the world’s crops.

Our Long Live the Bees lesson plans showcase these amazing insects and encourage students to help bees survive and thrive. Our k-2nd grade version includes 5 lesson plans that fit into a cohesive unit on bees and honey and offer you the flexibility to use one lesson plan or the full unit as you schedule your lesson plan calendar.

Table of Contents: 

  • The Various Roles of a Bee
  • Welcome to the Hive
  • How Do Bees Communicate
  • Explore the Flavors of Honey
  • How We Can Help Save the Bees

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